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Title: Ultimatum
Pairing: Tony/Ziva
Rating: K
Disclaimer: "Honestly, it's not mine!"

Summary: In short, she had given him the ultimatum of 'If the baby were to come out a boy, you would get to name him no questions asked. But if the baby comes out as a girl, I get to name her. No questions asked.'

Notes: This is a short and sweet little fic that came to mind when I had a short convo with a friend. That, and, the marathon on USA didn't hurt ;)

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אני אוהב אותך means 'I love you' in Hebrew.

R&R. *smiles indulgently*

Fic: Digital Sea

Title: Digital Sea
Pairing: House/Cameron
Rating: K
Word Count:
Summary: House is at Mayfield thinking about Cameron...and her new life.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Song from Thrice, Digital Sea, listen to it, look it up or something, good song to go with it while reading this...House-ish to me for some odd reason...

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I dont know what the other [read more] is about...
Smut Bunny!

Fic: All Good Things Come From NO SLEEP...

Title: All Good Things Come From NO SLEEP...
Pairing: Mac/Stella
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1400...ish
Summary: We all know what Mac and Stella do seperately when they can't sleep, but what do they do when they both can't sleep? Established relationship.
Disclaimer: Not mine, all credit given where absoultely necessary.
Not mine, i swear it...yet, sometimes I wonder...everyone else seems to be hooking up with everyone else....I think I could almost see Hawkes and Sid, but come on! The most OBVIOUS pair in the whole show...and they DONT PAIR them up?
Hmmm....just a little something that I came up with when I COULDN'T SLEEP... 


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Fic: A Lack of Color

Title: A Lack of Color
Pairing: Tony/Pepper
Rating: PG-13
Table: #13. Colorless
Word Count: 1,515
Summary: Pepper leaves Tony, deserted, and with never ending memories of her. How does he cope with such a loss?
Disclaimer: Not mine. So stop rubbing it in.  Lyrics from DCFC, A Lack of Color, not my cup of tea, but it'll do.

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Fic: Unfamiliar Concepts

Title: Unfamiliar Concepts
Pairing: Sam/Jack
Rating: NC-17
Table: 18. Strangers 
Summary: Jack finds himself in a location and doesnt know how he's gotten there. But with WHOM he is met with is both similar yet unfamiliar. Adult concepts.
Disclaimer: I gots no money, im broke, aint that enough! Not mine...
For: surreallis, because I saw that shegot a purple heffalump and I wanted to give her one too!! SO this is my version....

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